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By thompsonmp
Can you apply template settings to a project?

The project has been started with the OOTB template, a few layouts have been setup and drawings issued but there are a number of elements and the continued design development that would benefit from the practice template being applied.

Thanks in advance for any assistance, I've still pretty new to Archicad and have a lot to learn having moved from Revit.
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By Lingwisyer
I think someone previously mentioned that the only way to do this was to use the Attribute Manager to copy across all the layers, material, bm, etc then to use the Organiser to export/import the layouts.

3rd hand info from memory, so might be wrong...

That is pretty much it.
Attributes such as pen sets, composites, surfaces, profiles, etc., can be transferred from one file to another with the Attribute Manager.
Or you can simply copy and paste an element from one file to another and the attributes will come across as well.

However this can really mess up the attributes in your file.
A template is set up in a particular way to use its own attributes.
If you have another file set up with different attributes and mix the two, you can get strange results.
For example what may be a brick surface in one file may be concrete in the other - same attribute number but different settings.

Layouts can be copied from one file to another using the Organiser, but be aware that any drawings on those layout will still be linking to the views in the original file you copied from.
You will have to re-link those views to 'internal' views in the current file (unless you deliberately want them linked to the other file).

The Work Environment, Model View Options, Graphic Overrides and Renovation Filters can all be exported from one file and imported into another.
The Graphic Overrides and Renovation Filters both change attributes (line style, pen colour, fills) so again be careful if the two files have different attributes.

If that doesn't cover it, what settings were you looking at transferring?

By thompsonmp
Thank you for your replies and for highlighting the potential pitfalls.

In Revit there is a 'transfer project standards tool' and I wondered what the nearest equivalent was in archicad.