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Hi guys,

I have recently moved to a Building services company that uses Archicad, Coming from a Revit background i am skeptical with the software but also open minded and i have been impressed with some features in archicad but i am still very much new to the software.

has anyone on here successfully delivered an MEP based BIM level 2 project using Archicad? as most of the BIM managers i have worked with have neither heard of or used the software.

my concerns are that i fear the MEP router is not smart enough to deal with the detail design required for building services for example pipe bend radius's are excessive and although you can change this its tiresome to do so for each bend ect i also find the 2D output to be less detailed. i have tried creating new parts as favorites with the correct radius's from a plumbing manufacturer only the program cant deal with the demand of a bend radius that small thus making the 2D & 3D output look completely wrong. i fear the same problem for circular ductwork too.

another problem i have had is many manufacturers will create RFA files for there products but very few have been using IFC format, i have been using the bim6x data exchange plug in to import revit files but i lose the snap connection points you would be able to use in revit, and i cant quite get the mep connector to work as i would like i have experimented in various ways. if anyone has been able to figure this out before can they please advise me...

This is NOT a knock on the software these are just my concerns, I only have 1 years experience with the software any help would be much appreciated especially from anyone in the Building services field and has also had experience with revit.

Maybe even an Honest soul out there can tell me the advantages & dis-advantages of Archicad compared to Revit too?

Thanks guys