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By James Murray
I’ve noticed a strange new behavior with regard to server resources on our Mac network. Our projects, libraries, and some shared template materials (modules and drawings) are shared from a Mac server running 10.13.6. The machine running AC is also running 10.13.6.

This has nothing to do with BIM Server or BS Libraries.

Taking the simplest typical example, if you link our office library from the server via Library Manager, you get a path that looks like:

Volumes/[LibrariesVolumeName]/Office Library

When you reopen the project, the libraries are found on this path, no problem, and you can inspect the path any time and see it unchanged.

Under certain circumstances I haven’t been able to determine, upon opening, Archicad decides the path it remembers actually looks like:

smb://[ServerUserName]@192.168.1.nnn/Libraries%20Volume%20Name//Office Library

This the same resource, and the volume is mounted, but the library is now ‘Missing’.

If you choose the library from the recents under the Add button, it will be added with the Volumes/ style path. Then everything is fine, until it happens again.

The path switch also applies to recent projects, external drawings, and hotlinked modules. All of these have to be reconnected manually. It is fantastically annoying.

It’s not consistent among machines, even opening the same project.

We always connect via IP address, never by browsing the network.

Of course this may be an Apple rather than Graphisoft issue, or a mix. Any advice would be appreciated.
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By Erwin Edel
SMB and OSx has been a pain in the behind for us for years. Connections fail randomly.

We don't have a MAC server though, we have a Windows Server.

Our network paths start with /volumes/ though, maybe that one / makes a difference?

Don't recall them changing to smb:// paths at any point, but we do most AC work on Windows10 workstations.
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By Da3dalus
We've been having path issues for years. ArchiCAD's external file links try to update themselves, and are not really too bright, so they are easy to get screwed up.

Our servers are still running AFP, for a variety of reasons (Mac changed the default protocol to SMB a couple of versions ago, but AFP still works fine, or better in our opinion).

We have an in-house web-based MIS system called VirtualProject, which works a lot like Dropbox for external file access. We also use a Cisco VPN for working remotely (most of our staff have MacBook Pro's), and the paths often get screwed up if you don't have the VPN running and volumes mounted properly. ArchiCAD sometimes makes the strange connection that it can find the path via the web address, and changes it to something like "<long cryptic web address>/Office Library". We never programmed the web site to do anything like this.

Several years ago, we also set up the servers to run a dual-network, AFP and SMB, so Windows machines could access everything. In this case, the servers would be mounted, but ArchiCAD could still not find the Drawing Links or Hotlink Modules. After some painful exploration, we found that ArchiCAD was randomly changing the paths to the SMB network, but if someone was using a Mac mounted with AFP, it couldn't translate back, even though the paths were otherwise identical. We ended up eliminating the SMB shares for most of the network, at least those parts that ArchiCAD might access.

HERE'S WHY THIS IS RELEVANT: At that time, the paths just read "/volumes/drive/path/..." and it did not actually SAY what protocol it was trying to use. We determined that using other utilities. Based on your description, James, it seems they fixed that. It's a pain, but at least you can SEE the problem now.

This may be a boon for us. We expanded by merging with another firm, and they use Windows. Sharing files works pretty well with Teamwork, EXCEPT in regard to Hotlink Modules. They are EITHER set up for the Mac AFP or Windows SMB network, so only one side has access to update and Publish Modules. And of course, the designers are eternally confused about this. If it shows the protocol, I might be able to show them how to change it, or at least show them why it doesn't work.

It would really be super-duper swell if Graphisoft would update the BIM Server (now aka BIMCloud Lite) to be able to store MOD's, PLN's, DWG's, IFC's, JPG's, and other linked file formats.