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Barry Kelly wrote:
Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:53 am
I just tried on my laptop with the same file.
Version 22 - build 4005.

No library migration is 5 seconds still but migrating library now blows out to 45 seconds.
I checked a few times with the same results.

I deleted the 22 and migration libraries so there was no library loaded at all and it was about 4 seconds.
So there is something in the library that is slowing it down even though I only used 1 door and one window object in the hotlink.

Sherlock Kelly :)

I have done some testing with files that I got from Barry. It turns out the problem with our testing was that we only migrated the libraries in the host file, but we were still loading the same modules (that were created in AC18).

That meant that if we didn't migrate the libraries, everything was simply duplicated, but when the libraries were migrated, then during the duplication process ARCHICAD saw that the parts in the sources were from an earlier version, and it had to migrate the library parts in the new instances as well. I tested with ARCHICAD 18 and ARCHICAD 22, and so in this case the migration in the background had to go through 4 iterations (from 18 to 19 to 20 to 21 to 22).

If you take all the module files and the host file, open them in AC22 and migrate the libraries and save them first, then duplicating them should take roughly the same amount of time as in previous versions. Please see if you experience the same.

Thanks Daniel,
I will check it out in a couple of weeks when I am back from holidays.

Barry Kelly wrote:
Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:40 pm
Thanks Daniel,
I will check it out in a couple of weeks when I am back from holidays.

OK, I am back and I just did a quick couple of tests.

The simple plan that I showed before did benefit from updating the hotlink to the same version (22 with the migrated libraries).
It then copied all the hotlinks in a matter of seconds.

Another test I did with a full plan also benefited from simply saving the hotlinks in the same version (22).
I had 8 plans hotlinked in.
They all use my custom library so there was no need to migrate libraries.
If I leave the hotlink plans as version 18 then the copy and paste of those 8 hotlinks, it takes around 3 minutes.
Saving the hotlinks as version 22 as well (and making sure they are updated in the master plan), it then takes around 30 seconds to copy and paste all 8 hotlinks at the same time.

A marked improvement.

So it seems make sure all the hotlinks are saved in the same version as the master plan, and migrate the libraries in all files if necessary.

Thanks for your help on this on Daniel.

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By agroni
I might want to jump into this subject, since we are working on a big project with a complex Archicad structure. Our project has 55.000 gross area; therefore it was necessary to divide the project into multiple parts of the building resulting in 4 different teamwork files. There 4 files (certain stories) are hotlinked between each other, since we need the reference of the other storey. There is an additional Teamwork file for the smaller bits such as rooms, geometries, etc. which are hotlinked to these 4 files. In the end there is this master file which has the 4 files placed here, hence producing all the layouts from this master Teamwork file.

We started this project with AC21. Updating Hotlinks took ages, also trying to reserve the settings of the Hotlink-Manager users were getting hypnotized by the blue magical donut (windows loading symbol).
For two weeks, we migrated into AC22. All teamwork files, including their libraries were migrated. We left the migration libraries 21, since there was too much cleaning to be done, in order to exclude the migration libraries 21. Our hopes were on AC22, but those died! No improvement; still slow; frustrating.
We received some tips to remove/replace some objects that are qualified as performance killers, but still not running smooth.

A simple calculation:
One blue magical donut waiting time is 2min x 4 operations/h = 8min/h
Per day we work 8h x 8min = 64min
Our Team has 9 workers in this project x 64min = 576min/day
So our project has loses in total 9,6h per day which makes 13,3% of the users time, WAITING!

I believe that GS should consider this a really HIGH PRIORITY task and launch it in the next update for AC22.
Hi agroni,

You can try some of these steps to improve your hotlink related performance issues:

1. Turn off Background Processing in the Work Environment (User Preference Schemes > Model Rebuild Options > Background Updating > Disabled)

2. Turn off automatic Hotlink checks for all users (Work Environment > Company Standards Schemes > Data Safety & Integrity > Data Integrity > Automatically Check Status of All Hotlinks in Hotlink Module Manager)

3. Ignore hotlinks' update at Open / Join process (Work Environment > Company Standards Schemes > Data Safety & Integrity > Data Integrity > Hotlink Update > Ignore Hotlinks)

Applying these settings means that no other user than the responsible needs to wait for hotlink updates / reservation of the Hotlink Manager. Also, it is possible to assign one particular user to manage hotlinks, for whom it is not necessary to Send & Release the dialog. (When you've finished with updating hotlinks, click on the triangle next to OK & Release and choose the option OK.)

Kind regards,
Hi Noemi,

thanks for the tips.
To your Case Nr.1: isn't it contraproductive if I disable this option. Maybe it may help with the hotlinks but then opening sections, elevation and co. will slow down.

As for the hotlink part we have tried this approach. The automatic check for hotlinks is not a big problem because if you don't want to update them, then we just simply click cancel. Setting up just one person to do updates of the hotlinks will create other problems since we have three offices in three different places, and different teams working on different tasks. Therefore updating the hotlinks multiple times per day is neccessary for a high transparency in information flow.

What I meant with the magical blue donut is the actual time that a hotlink needs to get updated. All our hotlink files are located on the BIMcloud (basic), hence has to do with the Server communication. But I am 100% sure that we have a very powerfull server with lots of space in it. That is why I would wish to have more speed in the updating hotlinks, since it is a necessity for daily processes in the office.