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Hi all,
I want to use Teamwork in ARCHICAD 22 4405 with BIMCloud Basic. As we all know Basic version of the BIMCloud requires ARCHICAD version compatibility.
On the client machine I have Windows OS & ARCHICAD 22 4405.
On the server machine I have Windows Server 2012 R2 & BIMCloud Basic Manager/Server 2018.2.1 (22.0.2408.411) with supported project versions: v22.
When i try to make Teamwork from local file I get an error: "My client is not compatible with the server. Need to update BIMCloud manager. BIMCloud server manager version: 22.0.2408.411. ARCHICAD version:".
How to fix incompatibility? As far as I know I use the newest version of the BIMCloud Basic.
Hi probosciger,

If the BIMcloud Basic is not activated (which is a completely free process), it will be shown as not compatible for ARCHICAD.

Could you please check if you have activated the BIMcloud already?

Kind regards,