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By Nathan Brauer
I've been wresting with a cumbersome large file, and finally followed GS recommendation to analyze the problem as described here:

I thought I'd share the results, because I was surprised to see how much 3D Documents can bloat a file.

As you can see from the attachment, (61) 3D Docs account for 209MB of file size.

So here's my questions:
1. I like to use vectorial hatch in the 3d docs for texture. Is this causing the size increase?
2. It looks like there is almost 80 MB of dead data in the file. Merging my model into a clean file means redoing lots of 2d content. Any recommendations/ efficient work flow recommendations?
3. As noted in the comments, BIMx Docs layouts and model need to be in the same file to have the benefit of linking drawing to model view. I'm considering creating a BIMx Subset that stays in the model, while my DD/CD sets live a a separate layout book. Any better recommendations?
By Nathan Brauer

The empty saved file is 2.4 MB, big improvement.

But the merge is too limiting to perform at this time (Construction heading towards a finish).

Is there a way to purge a PLN file of dead data without merging?
Is there a way to merge views into the new file?

Are renderings pasted into a Worksheet and annotated less memory intense? (not as desirable, i know.)
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By Szabolcs Mikó
First backup the file in it's current state. After:
- save as a PLA
- open up and save again as PLN
- save it again (don't forget about relinking the Libraries)
- close and do an Open and Repair.

This clears out a lot of the caches data.
By Nathan Brauer
Following your instructions removed almost 60 MB of file size.
Archicad reports some data was lost (scary), but I haven't noticed anything missing yet.