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We use the GS default and I try to figure out what are the best settings...
The pln backup is set on 1 day interval and save latest 10 copies so in theory two weeks of work can be restored day by day.

The BIM-project backup is fully automated and is set to every 6 hours and save last 5 copies.

What if I turn of .pln and bump BIMproject to the last 30 copies as an example? That would give me automated backup for two weeks and every 6 hours recoverable. Will something choke if I do like this?

BIM Project backup also keeps the Teamwork stuff which the pln backup doesn't...

Pros - cons?

And where can I change the default settings forPLN and BIM project backup?
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By nbalogh
Hi Mats,

You can find our backup guides here, which I believe - can help in your decision as well.

From technical point of view, I wouldn't recommend to enable BIMcloud to create automatic backups while most of the users are working - they will experience a huge performance decrease, because BIMcloud will use most resources to create backup files.

Kind regards,