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Is there a way to set/change the default setting for the Object tool and other "complex library elements"?
I would REALY like to change the default green (no. 4) Contour pen and the Background pen from 19 to (0) Transparent.
I would also like to turn off the USE FILLS option in Floor Plan and Section of the Window or Door settings.
I understand that I can change the Pen Set, but I would like to change a default pen (not just the color or Weight) for all the elements in the active Library.
I understand that I could set up Favorites, but I would like to change some settings for all of the elements.
You would have to extract the .LCF file to a folder, open all the objects you want to change, edit the pen settings etc, save the objects and compress everything back to .LCF.

When the library is updated from reseller / Graphisoft end to fix bugs etc, you need to repeat the whole process.

I would recommend setting up favourites (as you mentioned yourself)
For such tasks, the Library Part XML Converter Tool was developed by GRAPHISOFT. You should use that: ... erter-tool
You will be better off changing the pen set in your template to suit the Graphisoft library if that is the library you will be using.

Change one or two pen sets rather than hundreds of objects - which you will have to re-do if you ever update the library.
You can use the Atttribute Manager to transfer the pen sets from you template to any other file so you don't have to physically change the pen set in every file.

InForma wrote:
Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:06 pm
I would REALY like to change the default green (no. 4) Contour pen and the Background pen from 19 to (0) Transparent.
We skipped changing default colours since the new version of AC and Library is released each year. Instead, we do proper Graphic Overrides and in most cases, it works fine.