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By Karol Argasinski
Hi Guys,

I am thinking about creating Interior's Template for AC. Do you have any tips? I want to use it mostly for a .mod files, so all of the model data is not inside one .pln/teamwork file, just hotlinked to it. Or maybe my thinking is wrong and it has no sense at all?

Hoping for interesting (as always) ideas! :mrgreen:
By DWilson
There's lots of ways now to build libraries, templates and reference files.
I guess it depends on how many people will access the file and how often. That will probably determine the structure of the file(s) and where it's located.
Next will be making the information 'within arms reach'. This is where including information in templates and favourites rather than libraries is more useful.
Finally not overloading staff with options but quality examples. This also leads into making updating your information with every ac update simpler.