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Hi there.

I am currently busy creating a template file and I need to import the attributes from another project into the template.

I can import the fills, but surfaces, building materials and composites seem to give me an error: error while loading attribute set from file.

I have tried to switch off the 'include the associated attributes' tick box while importing and exporting as well, but it gives the same error.

Is there anybody who encountered this before?

If you are exporting them from an earlier version, then it is not an error. Transferring Attributes between different main versions (e.g. between AC20 and AC21) is not supported. If you want to do this, first open the old project in the same version, and save it. After this they are both the same version, so you should be able to transfer attributes.

If it is not that, then it can be any number of things. If you send me the exported files, and the 2 plan files (the one you exported from and the one you want to copy it to), I can take a look.

Also, in the meantime, you can also browse for a PLN/TPL in the Attribute manager, not attribute files only. This way you might be able to move your attributes.