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By andyb
Hello everyone-

Has anyone had performance issues running an AC22 Teamwork project across multiple mac operating systems. Everyone has the same build, but some are running Sierra, some High Sierra and some Mojave. As an example, someone was working on a teamwork file on High Sierra and didn't work on the project for a few days. While they were away, another person opened the same file on a computer using Mojave, experienced some issues and closed. The first returned and opened the Teamwork file and is now having problems with performance. Ever heard of this? I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out why the same file will run well on one computer and not on the other. Same computers and specs, different operating systems. Thanks!!!
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By nbalogh
Hi andyb,

I think your issue can be solved if you check out this article:

Please try it out on all affected computers.

Kind regards,
By andyb
Thanks.....I will try that and report back. Thanks again.
By Karl Barker
Been having similar issues where reserving items in teamwork took a minute or two, rather than two seconds.
Followed the instructions listed and hey presto, no more complaints from staff of slow archicad.

I really hope we don't have similar issues with 23 when the next OSX comes out.
By andyb
Thanks for the workaround! It worked great.