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By Andrei
I am new in forum and in archicad/bimcloud to. So i need your advice or maybe direction where i can search.
I have the following task , on one PC was install BIM manager and all project was stored in it .
After windows reinstall ,i reinstall the bimcloud and add backup folder.
Now i can see my projects but i cant do anything , i cant export it ,cant move to another server.
With backup import the program also import and old server (that's now is offline ) and when i try do something the program says "BIMcloud Server Not Accessible" .
My question is ,how can i export my projects and reimport in new BIM Manager ?
Thanks in advanced.

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By nbalogh
Hi Andrei,

Did you try to use the full BIMcloud Backup, available for BIMcloud only?

If yes - this works only when both BIMcloud Manager and Server has the backup, and you restore them to a new setup, while the original one is not disabled or uninstalled. If you see only the projects, it probably means that you restored only the Manager side data and not the Server side too.

Can you please also attach a screenshot about the error message you get?

Hopefully we can fix it for you here. :)

Kind regards,