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We all use classifications.
Some of us are use to keep archicad classification.
Finaly we all export ifc files.
I use Solibri Model Viewer on macOS.
With Solibri I can see my BIM model by Layer, by Containment, and by Component.
I wonder if it's possible to see my BIM model by class ?
I wonder where to find which classification was used for each ifc file into Solibri Model Viewer or other viewer ?
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By mbl
Hi Christophe,

Someone more experienced in Solibri might correct me if I'm wrong, but the "Component" in Solibri is the best representation of your Archicad Classifications. So there are no "Archicad" Classifications that are exported directly to IFC.

Your "Classifications" from Archicad are translated into "IFC Types" through your selected IFC Translator. If you want to see/change how are they translated, you can open your IFC Translator, go to Type Mapping / Edit or Create New Preset / Map IFC Types for Export (that's for Archicad 22).

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By Christophe Fortineau
Hello mbl,

Thanks about your answer. I know but mapping is not easy to do for me (little french guy) cause all the mapping interface into AC is in english so they are two difficulties to solve.
By mbl
I understand, I have also experienced difficulties with "local" versions of different software and their language mutations.
So here are some screenshots, maybe they will help.
IFC Translator.png
IFC Type Mapping.png
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By Christophe Fortineau

Thanks about your screen capture which makes me understand that I already use these functions.
When I talk about mapping I think rather to master this interface :
It seems to be more powerfull cause I understand some english tutorials but not enough to master it.
Not yet :D
You have to enable the export and generation of Classification References explicitly in your Translator configuration. All ARCHICAD classifications can be exported into IFC and Solibri shows them:
  • Classifications it reads from IFC
  • Classifications it generates from its own Classification Rules
Hi Stefan,

I am very surprised and for two reasons. The first is not to have seen this evidence before and the second is that no one has been able to inform me for 4 months before your precious intervention. Thanks again Stefan !
on a related note (I think(, are mis-classified items responsible for not translating correctly into an IFC file?

I'm using translators for IFC 2x3 and have a number of elements made with AC primitive elements and classified as pieces of cladding: metal panels, gap flashiness, even masonry veneer.

I see them in the 3D window and they have so far not made the trip into the IFC file.
Hi Aaron,

Thank you for sharing the experience and I am sorry about the issue!

Could you clarify a bit more about what you are experiencing? If I understand correctly, there are some elements that are not transferred to IFC from ARCHICAD due to wrong classification?

Thank you very much, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

P/s: Thank you Stefen for sharing the answer to Christophe's question! This thread has definitely slipped through our mind during the holiday somehow :?