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In the last few months I have been spending several hours looking for a solution to have a live reference from one archicad file to another without weighing it down and without sharing the attributes between them (so excluding the use of modules). What strategies do you use to do this? :idea:

thanks to those who want to share his ideas :wink:
You can't actually share the actual views between Archicad files.
But you can place a drawing in a layout that links to the view from another file.
No sharing of attributes and they will update (or tell you they need to be updated at least) when you modify the source file.

Just place a drawing in a layout and link it to an external file (then browse for that file and view).
Or in the Navigator or Organiser, you can browse for another file. open the view map and then drag to your layouts.

You also might look at publishing PMKs which is the very old school of doing AC Stuff which also is a very weird way of doing TW but which still works for me i certain types of projects.
From AC_File_A Publish PMKs to a Shared Folder
In AC_File_B place the PMKS into Floor Plans, Sections and Elevations or Layouts
If File_A changes you republish and it will update in File_B