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By Freber
So unfortunately we have a crashed BIM server and now I dont really know how to restore it on another machine.
I have access to all the original files on the crashed machine as well as a bunch och backups in the form of .BIMProject files.

What im trying first is to restore from those files. In the help it says this:

"Download Snapshot File, then Import to any BIMcloud

If you want to work with the project or library on a different, functioning BIMcloud: download the snapshot file, then import this file to a different BIMcloud.

1.From the Navigator of the Projects page in BIMcloud Manager: Select a project or library.

2.Open the Snapshots panel.

3.From the Snapshots list, select a BIMproject or Library snapshot.

4.Click Download.

5.Choose a folder to which to save the snapshot.

6.Import this snapshot to a folder on any functioning BIMcloud, using the Projects page of its BIMcloud Manager."

But I dont understand how it works. In the new bim server I cant download any snapshots at all because it is brand new. What should I do with my .BIMProject files?
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By Christophe Fortineau
Hello Freber,

Into your bim cloud interface, click on this...

Then clic on :
- Rollback to roll back
- Download to take your previous project on your computer (You will be able to check it before to share it)