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By Alois R.
Dear community,

Is it possible to access the history of changes of an element on Archicad? On Revit, there is a pyRevit function with the possibility to know in a collaborative environment "Who did this?". It allows to understand the changes that happened to an element, and the name of users.

Sorry if this topic was already answered, but I wasn't able to find something either in the forum so far, or the ArchicadApi.

Thanks and best!

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By LaszloNagy
I am not aware of such functionality in either ARCHICAD or in BIMcloud.
Isn't this something that Mechanical CAD programs have as a feature?
By Alois R.
I'm not so familiar with Mechanical CAD programs. Maybe do you know a software which can analyse the logs of the BIM cloud then?
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By runxel
Nice item for the wish list!

I also would like to have a "blame" function. Much like with CVS like Git. Would be great in big models, where you practice some kind o "ownership".