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By justdhruv
My bim server is not accessible. Any ideas?

I have reinstalled it couple of times. I am running another bimserver for AC21, just fine
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By Christophe Fortineau
Hello justdhruv,

BimCloud software is on your computer ?
BimCloud software is on another computer ?
BimCloud is into your office or far far away ? :wink:
Are your collaborators far far away ?

If you try to do remote work for a collaborators.
Your modem is like a security guard who protects your client's home network.

To access a computer station (BimCloud server for example) you have to know :
- your client's modem public IP (and not its local IP)
- your client's BimCloud port (80 like example below)
- change client's modem port parameter to allow access


You may be at the computer at the bottom right :)
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By nbalogh

Did you configure an external location for your snapshots?

If your answer is yes, then the issue is that you turned on a BIMcloud only feature in BIMcloud Basic, which blocks your BIMcloud Server to run.

Please check out:

Kind regards,