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By atfonit
A most popular subject i know but - any help apprecaited as to where i can find / buy good templates in NOT in ft and inches. Based out of Europe and need METRIC not Imperial.

There are options out there but all i have found are in Imperial.

thanks AC all
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By Barry Kelly
atfonit wrote: Sat May 02, 2020 6:49 pm There are options out there but all i have found are in Imperial.

If you have a suitable imperial template, all you will have to do is set up one or more metric dimension styles.
They may already be set up but you can tweak so they are more suitable for you. Then go through all of the views in the View Map and change them to use the desired metric dimension style.

Then change your Working Units and Calculation Units to imperial as you want them (fractional or decimal inches etc,).

Objects should be fine, except maybe the user interface display may not have wide enough fields for the proper display of fractional feet and inches, so you may have to scroll in some objects.

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By runxel
Not really a concern for me, but maybe also check your favorites. They might have now some weird numbers showing :D
By atfonit
This is also available in meters / mm ? Thought it was US imperial only. ?
By Conor Moriarty
I'm based in Ireland and use the "International" version of Eric's template which is completely metric.
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By Erwin Edel
I think most European countries have a localised version or use the INT version.

I mean, you're welcome to receive our office template, but it uses Dutch layer standards, the Dutch localised library and so on.

I assume the 'commercial' templates out there cater to the local standards with more than just the system of measurement?
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By schagemann
We provide an ARCHICAD Template out of Australia, but have a few users using it for European and in the past even created a version with layers based on DIN.