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By npj
Hi All,
I am having trouble setting up BIM server 22, we successfully ran 21 for several years from my own machine within a studio of 6 locally based computers. But now I am trying to set up 22 on a different machine within our studio. I followed the guidance of upgrading to BIM cloud which worked - was able to upload a project from a different machine within the office to the BIM cloud and was able to send and receive etc. I then downgraded (as per graphisoft guidance) to Basic and the server immediately became disconnected. Any help would be much appreciated.
We are initially only going to use Basic until more cloud licences become a possibility.
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By nbalogh

Sorry, I'm a bit confused. Did you upgrade an existing BIM Server to BIMcloud Basic then BIMcloud? Or what happened?

If you can also share a screenshot with us about what you see from the BIMcloud Manager and what from ARCHICAD, it would help a lot.

Thank you,
You might want to check the DNS setup in your office is working correctly.

Also what operating system is your BIMCLOUD installation running on - please add to your signature for future reference.