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Has any of you already worked with

I just stumbled over it while playing around with AR again - they have a module for Android and IOS.

It's Spanish oriented, but it included a lot of professional Bim applications.

I tried it yesterday. Basically it works - but:

It is not from Archicad - Graphisoft, but from:

CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.
Avda. Eusebio Sempere, 5
03003 Alicante - Spagna
phone (+34) 965 99 30 52
Fax (+34) 965 12 49 50

It was not easy for me to install, because you basically have to install 2 programs and need email and password for both, but they are limited in length. Since I used a very long password, it didn't work for a long time until I found out,

The IFC data has to be uploaded to an external internet server, so it is not a solution where you keep the "data sovereignty" yourself.

But with Graphisoft it's no different.

However, it is possible to download the 3D data to your device (cell phone or tablet, I haven't found any 3D glasses for it yet) to use it offline.

The application itself on the cell phone is free but needs getting used to - or "buggy". In any case, I could not satisfactorily set up the position and size of a model in a room. It basically works, but I could not rotate my model, for example.

It is only marginally about AR.

It is actually a marketplace for BIM applications, some of which are quite expensive and - almost only in SPANISH.
There are a lot of applications - even one for testing Covid workstation geometries or, among many others, 8 different programs for fire protection topics.

Could someone of you who has perhaps studied it more intensively do a meaningful review to see if it would be useful for us to take a closer look at it?

Thanks in advance

Translated with (free version)
I am not familiar with the site, but I am a bit familiar with Cype, the company. It is a company that develops a Structural Analysis program, and this program is a market leader in Spain. I used Google Trends and searched for market-leading international structural analysis programs in Spain and as you can see, people in Spain search for Cype a lot more than for any of the other apps: ... 2000,staad

So the company is solid, if what it is worth.