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Is there a method of speeding up the editing of an interactive schedule?

I have a schedule which creates a detailed specification for all new items within my building model. If I edit an object, wall, roof etc. within the interactive schedule, the schedule refreshes itself before I can move onto the next item. This can mean that it can take 20-25 seconds between each entry. Is there a way of delaying or stopping the refresh process until I want the schedule to be updated?
Only thing I can suggest is what I do

I make duplicate schedules and then remove all the data fields I don't need leaving just enough to recognise what the item is for. I use multiple versions to narrow it down to just the data I want to edit.

I also restrict the schedule to only look on a particular Storey. Or to a particular Door Type.

Once I've gone through all the schedules I am then ready to Publish the complex detailed Schedule. Attached is all the Door Type Schedules and at the bottom of the list the full detailed Schedule
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Yep, I generally run multiple filters - by level, by zone, by type, by object,... depending on the project.
Another way is to break up the file into multiple files or modules and schedule things by file.
Finally, you can export properties/ information to an external xml/ excel file and edit the information there and bring it back in.