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I am trying to restrict attribute and library part creation rights for a project.

I have modified the default "Architect" role, and assigned it to "everyone".
But everyone still has full access.
Tried setting the architect role in other projects - it did work.
Tried reshareing the project - still everyone has access for everything. (even me with the viewer setting)

Is there a setting I am overlooking?
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Thank you
Szamosi Máté
Szia Máté!

Could you please elaborate a little bit - what kind of settings the affected users have by default?

If anyone has the Project Manager role (basically can share), then it overrides whatever you set on the project's Access panel.

Kind regards,
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Szia Noémi!

Your guess is correct - everyone has project administrator rights in the office, and the server administrators (like me) have the management role set on the user they use for drawing.

Maybe when I thought things were working, it was only because I was logged in from the same computer with a test account as well as my own, and the server could't handle that.

Does this mean the only way to restrict user rights on a per project basis is to do something like this:
  • set everyone's management role to "not set"
  • make a project admin user, and share credentials with everyone so I do not incite a rebellion
  • make a server admin account and share login whith server admins
Best Regards,
Szamosi Máté
Yeah, it can work. For the Server Admin, you might say you are the only one + the Master Administrator (masteradmin). It's not that typical that many people should be able to access all server related settings anyway. :)

With the Project Admin, you can use a common user, but it is likely people will use it to share, then forget it's the dummy account and start to use it for work. Once more than one of them forget to switch accounts, you will get error messages that the project is already used on another machine. If you ask me, I would avoid to do this.

If you work with low trust environment, then probably it is a better approach to award some senior / technical people as Project Admin and disable the Share option for others.

BIMcloud and BIMcloud as a Service has Detailed permission system where this can be set better, but with BIMcloud Basic there are limitations.
Thank you Noémi

My goal with the setup is to avoid accidentally copying master gdls from older projects / layers, fills from .dwg-s, but I want users to be able to create layers/library parts when they actually want to.

The company has been using ArchiCAD without BIM management for 20 years. Now most plans have 20-40 master gdls, that create roughly 4000 attributes when we copy anything from project to project.

I actually want to be able to restrict my own rights as well - that is the main goal of creating the separate server admin account.

I can see that changeing users can be an issue, but I don't see any other way to make it work. Creating placeholder layers can make it so that people don't need to constantly change users.

Szamosi Máté