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By reidweber
What are the best practices for the Open and Repair function?

I've been working on keeping the main file I use a template as clean / lean as possible. When I start a new project or even working midway through one, I've been doing the Open and Repair and early on the "project was healthy" now I receive the message "The project has been repaired, but some data are now changed or missing". As a double check, I then save and close that file and open it again with the repair function and again I receive the same "repaired- data changed or missing" window. Is the best practice to keep opening the file this way until the window pops up that the project is healthy? I've gone through the process 4+ times.

I've read through some forums about keeping the file clean/healthy. Currently there aren't any "error" messages that pop up from views, but over the course of the project, I've been seeing it happen and would like to at nip the problem in the bud.
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By Podolsky
The misunderstanding with all these file errors, files consistency etc. happens because what we see in ArchiCAD is not how file looks like - it's just graphical interpretation of database. And the database is a file. So, file, originally is huge matrix of numbers and variables. To understand it better you can imagine big-big XML code or huge Excel spreadsheet. And there - in structure of the file, might be errors.
Often errors appears because of program bug - some number is recorded in the wrong field or similar.
As ArchiCAD user you might be absolutely not involved into these errors. But as soon as ArchiCAD able to repair something in file consistency - let it do it.
As I know - something similar happens on BIM Cloud - when you send your changes, BIM Cloud is checking that this information is correct (in their mathematical therms of database). If not - it's not letting to send changes.