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By Space97
We've switched to Archicad from Revit recently. We have produced architectural and structural drawing set using Revit for long time. The issue for our firm is whether we can still use Revit Structure or also have to switched to other software for structure modeling and production of structural drawing set.

I modeled simple steel column using complex profile in AC and export it as IFC format and opened it in Revit Structure. The problem is that I cannot modify the column in Revit. Steel connection does not work. I cannot add base plate to the column and it is recognized as normal column not as structural column. (On the other hand, I come to know that Tekla Structure has an option to IFC geometry to native geometry of Tekla Structure so that engineers do not have to remodel everything.

Here is question. Do I have to remodel every structure element in Revit Structure? In Revit, IFC imported from AC can be used just for reference?
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By Erwin Edel
0 experience with this, but have you looked into element classification? Is the column classified as structural, steel, profile etc?
By Space97
Ok. I got it....Normal vertical columns are recognized as "Structural Column." I can use steel connection in Revit. Slanted column is not the case. Once you have the column slanted in AC and imported it as IFC in Revit, it's recognized as architectural column not as structural column. I can imported it as "Structural" by changing IFC option in Revit, but I can not use "Connection" in Revit structure.
The reason is this. The way of creating slanted column by Revit Structure is "Extrusion" or "Sweep", but the way by AC is "Tapered". AC cut the base of column horizontally, which makes Revit Structure recognized it's tapered. I could come to know through the error message from Revit.
Our firm often design slanted wall or columns,which means Structural Engineers cannot use our IFC file and have to remodel them, unfortunately...I think it will trigger a serious problem with work flow between us and structural engineers....
I don't know why AC's slanted columns and beams are automatically cut horizontally or vertically. I think it should be decided by options: 1. horizontally, 2. vertically, 3. by axis of column or beam
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By Erwin Edel
There are also objects for steel profile column and beam, where you can set the cut angle. You can classify these as structural column, load bearing, etc. Maybe these will work for you.
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By Da3dalus
Generally, most Architect-Structural Engineer workflows involve the Architect creating the shell model with placeholders for critical structure, and just blank spaces for concealed structure or where the Architect isn't concerned about appearance. The Structural Engineer should be placing the members and controlling the size and connections, then exporting back to the Architect via IFC. Once back in ArchiCAD, the Architect can turn off or erase the placeholders, and from then forward, the Engineer's model is official, and any changes must be done by the Engineer. The only exception we see is the Bearing Walls, which will be redundant, since the Architect needs to control the appearance, material, fire rating, etc., and the Engineer needs to control the materials, reinforcing, etc. Some manual coordination must be done when changes occur.