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By benjamin_chan

I've been getting conflicting advice as to what is the best means of BIM server configuration for PLN snapshots and BIM PROJECT snapshots.

At the moment I've left it as is, attached:

PLN snapshots everyday, keep last 10 copies, starting from 4pm each day.
BIM PROJECT snapshots @ every 4 hours, keep last 5 copies.

An ARCHICAD consultant I've used before recommended not to make PLN snapshots daily, and only set BIM PROJECT snapshots after business hours.

What are everyone's thoughts?
By benjamin_chan
Thank you Noemi, that's quite helpful.

I also read ... d-restore/

I'm a bit unclear as to the purpose of PLN Project Snapshots. If BIMproject Snapshots can capture model data as well as other BIM server data, and PLN Project Snapshots capture model data only, what is the purpose of PLN project snapshots? Why not just solely rely on BIMproject Snapshots?
By nbalogh
Having PLN backups allows you to be more flexible. Some examples:

1. You wish to archive your project and keep a .pln backup for it. After 3 years, you decide that you need this project again (refurbishment, still not finished, any reason). You can open this .pln easily with your current ARCHICAD and migrate it to the latest version, while for the .BIMProject you would need the original ARCHICAD to migrate the project. Also, if the backup is coming from an older BIM Server (v20 and older) the .BIMProject can be used only on the exactly same BIM Server (same main build and same update build are requirements until ARCHICAD 20 6xxx and ARCHICAD 19 9xxx update).

2. Your BIM Server becomes corrupted / goes offline / is not accessible. You have a strict deadline. You can easily move on with the .pln backup you have and continue the work in solo.

It's up to you whether if you prefer to use .BIMProjects over .pln backups, but my suggestion would be to have at least 1 .pln backup as well. Sometimes it can be quite handy. : )
By benjamin_chan
I see, that makes sense. Thank you.

And the benefit of BIMProject snapshots is that it retains the BIM manager user data and roles. Is there antyhing else BIMproject snapshots contain over PLN snapshots?