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By mattAHA
Very new to the BIMcloud scene. I'm trying to downgrade to basic but the option to downgrade in the licence tab isn't present. All that is coming up is Total:
No licenses available. Only one user can use BIMcloud functions.

Any ideas?
By nbalogh
Hi mattAHA,

This option is available only if you log in with the masteradmin.

Kind regards,
By nbalogh

When you installed BIMcloud you had to enter a password for a user called "masteradmin". This special user can access more options than the Server Administrator users. One of this option is the Downgrade process.

So instead of logging in with your own account, use this:
user: masteradmin
password: as you set in the Configurator

If you can't remember the password, click on the tray icon (where you start / stop BIMcloud) and start the Configurator of BIMcloud.

Kind regards
By nejcek74
thx to this post and "masteradmin" trick I manage to start the downgrade process, but now I am stopped at step 2: Lock Version. I simply don't have the option to choose version and I still cannot proceed. Any insight how to solve this?
Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 11.55.49.png
screen shot
By nbalogh
Hi nejcek74,

On your screenshot you can see the line "Supported project version - N/A". This shows that which ARCHICAD version your BIMcloud Basic is locked to.

You can modify it by clickon on the triangle on the bottom of the right side Downgrade process window and click on Edit the "Status" headline. Here you can choose which ARCHICAD version your BIMcloud Basic should support - up from ARCHICAD 19.

Kind regards,
By nejcek74
Just replying to thank you for the answer and to give some more insight for others.
A colleague solved it while talking with support, somehow the way you explained. I was not there at the time and I am still not completely sure where that option is hidden. If I understand it right, it's somewhere under the wizard? Support technician said it's kind of known problem and they will propose the change in UI.
By nbalogh
Hi nejcek74,

Yes, if you hide the wizard panel on the right side, the Edit button is visible.

Based on your feedback we are planning to release a Help Center article about Downgrade process details in the near future.

Kind regards,