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By Achille Pavlidis
Trying to back up some old files, i came across some old plp files.
When i try to sign-in to those old files, an untitled archicad file opens, and then nothing else.
Is there a way to actually open those files, or are they lost forever?
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By Aaron Bourgoin
older tweamwork files used a separate admin file that resdied alongside the plp. you'll need to sign into these with the version they were created in in order for AC to make sense of the content of that admin file.

I hope I'm right about this. I've just been seized by a nagging doubt. Anyone else?
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By Achille Pavlidis
I have the .ADM files.
Do you say i need to open it with the old Archicad version it was created with?

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By kevin b
Sorry I have no answers for you then, we use AC9 to open files back to 5 & 6 with no issues, other than the inevitable library problems.
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By Erika Epstein
Does it make a difference when opening older files that you are now on mactel machines and those were ppc?
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By Achille Pavlidis
No, it doesn't.
I open without problems old Archicad and Plotmaker files.
My problems are with olp plp files, which i cannot sign-in to.