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Sharing a project for a team, accessing projects remotely. Setup of BIMcloud/Users/Roles, Working/Messaging in Teamwork (Example: What are the firewall settings for the BIMcloud to make it accessible over the Internet?)

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By sigitas
in ac12 version you can saved the special draft file. This file can use at home or out of office. How I can work offline with ac13 TW project. Did it is the same way. It posible to save some special file and later to receiv all changes to the TW file?
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By sigitas
Do I can work out of office with TW project? In office and at home I have different computers. IN AC 12 TW was possible to create draft format file whom was possible to bring out of office and work on different computer and later to bring back all information.
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By David Larrew
As Dennis said, look at the ArchicadWiki article... I explains how you would be able to work on different computers. Unfortunately, you have to have an internet connection and remote access to the BIM Server file to get the initial local working "draft" file on your home computer.
By alemanda
At least you can go to the office with your notebook, access the project at the office with the laptop, switch to off line, turn off the notebook and go home ...
you can work ... but after finishing at home you must go to the office with the notebook, send the modifications ... and ... done.
This is the way if you have not an internet access to the BIMSERVER in the office ...
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By sigitas
Give it some problem, that you must to use laptop for work with project at home.
the question is:
if I like to work at home without connection to BIM server I must to have Reserved all elements and tools in program. How I can reserve All?
in AC 12 was possible to connect with exclusive connection which gives you to work on all.
By alemanda
At the moment it seems not possible to work off line at home bringing the teamwork file on pen drive ... You must connect to the BIM SERVER to have access to the project.
About the exclusive access ... Define an user with all the permissions on the project, access with his userid and passwrod ... and no problem ...
By alemanda
One question.
Is it possible to work "offline" on the tw project exporting (format .twportable) the project it self from the office server to the home server putting on the pen drive?
Of course exporting it all the rules, users and the other settings are lost ...
But can it be considered a "simple" way to work offline?
By alemanda
The answer is yes.
I tried and it seems working.
So this is another method to work at home without connecting to the server at the office via Internet.
Of course you have to be very careful with the libraries in order to avoid confusion ...
But it seems wokring...
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By sigitas
Did you have installed the BIM server at home computer?