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Sharing a project for a team, accessing projects remotely. Setup of BIMcloud/Users/Roles, Working/Messaging in Teamwork (Example: What are the firewall settings for the BIMcloud to make it accessible over the Internet?)

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By Mark
In using the BIM Server it proves very difficult to manage many files in different projects and different stages. Traditionally (not using teamwork 2) we have a folder for every project, and then subfolders within this for each stage Sketch, Design Development, Construction, ect...

In the new teamwork we are given a category which we can use to organise the files but this only provides one level of organisation. We really need multiple levels per a typical filing system in a computer environment.

Are other people finding this an issue?
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By Erika Epstein
A simple answer is no. I created a folder system for my archicad files within the folder that the BIM Server is directed to.
I am not sure why you are having trouble. Could you elaborate/post a screen shot of a sample of your file structure so we can better understand why you are now having problems?
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By Geoff Briggs
Presumably the folders Mark refers to represent phases of the design. So for the most part files in past phases are actually archives, not working files. TW2 and the BIM Server greatly expand our opportunities during the working phase but in it's current incarnation do not offer new archiving options. So I would suggest simply saving out a copy as PLA into your usual folders at your chosen milestones.

Related are the issues of design options, construction phasing and revisions. Again AC13 offers nothing new here, yet since they are all part of every project they are clearly areas that deserve attention.
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By Erika Epstein
We can presume many things. I was trying to prod Mark into posing his question better.
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By Mark
Geoff is getting at what i was trying to explain.

The screen shot below shows our typical CAD folder structure as it is now. As we move through the stages (or phases) of the project we go through Site, Sketch, Development Application, Construction Certificate, Construction. There might also be additional folders added in this structure depending on the project.

We will have up to say 30 teamwork projects running off and on at the same time. Times this by teamwork files in each of these folders and the number of files starts to become quite large. So ideally it would be good to have a folder structure, like the screen shot, that sort these, not just one level of structure as the category does.

One response to this would be to move teamwork files on and off the server as we need them. But this requires additional work, work that should not really have to be done if there was a good folder structure.

Hope this explains it better.
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By Graham Whipple
I am part of a small firm (2 AC licenses) and we've enjoyed using TW2 on a few projects over the past months. With one recent project we are at a great benchmark for archiving.
When a TW2 project is saved in pla format does it essentially create a solo project archive of the project? If that is the case, I assume if there were a need to return to that archive file and resume TW2 work renewed from that benchmark it would be as simple as converting the pla file to a TW2 file again.

I am just looking for input from others who have hopefully crossed that bridge already. Archiving of projects and working to maintain compatibility of old file formats has always been important (and on occasion challenging), but I don't have much experience doing this with TW projects. I am hoping to avoid future hurdles as much as possible

Thanks in advance