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Sharing a project for a team, accessing projects remotely. Setup of BIMcloud/Users/Roles, Working/Messaging in Teamwork (Example: What are the firewall settings for the BIMcloud to make it accessible over the Internet?)

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By alemanda
Hi to all,
does anybody have an experience with big/huge project in teamwork?
I mean on project of 1Gb (after sharing, 250MB before) ...
Any suggestion?
What happens to me is that some time it seems that the server makes some operation and the program, Archicad, goes in NOT RESPONDING mode.
Note that I have both machine with 8GB ram and one of the two is the server, Ac 13 64 on WIN vista BUS 64.
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By Matthew Lohden
Vista can be a problem. It might help to upgrade to Windows 7.

Does ArchiCAD recover from "Not Responding"? If you watch the Task Manager during normal use many programs (ArchiCAD included) will be unresponsive during certain operations.
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By gkovacsp
PLN to Teamwork file size increase is usually 4x-5x, so it is normal. (Data is stored in a different - uncompressed format on the server)

The main question is - as Matthew asked - does it ever recover from not responding state? (give it a 5-10 minutes. not normal, just to see if it is working or gave up for good)
By alemanda
Yes, it recovers from the "not responding" mode even after 15/20 minutes ... but it's a disaster to work in this way ... there are a lot of pauses taking too much time ...
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By Matthew Lohden
So it's not crashing the program. The question then is why the delay. What are you doing when this happens? Is it associated to any operation in particular? If it's just hanging at random perhaps it's Vista and the upgrade would help.
By alemanda
No, It's not a crash ...
When it happens I can switch to other tasks without anyproblem and waiting for archicad "surfing" on internet ... but it is very annoying ...
Sometime this delay is due to the autosave (very frustrating but necessary) ... but othertime it seems not related to any process in particular ...
Some of you had an experience on huge project with Win 7?
Had some of you similar problems?

I tried to assign high or real time priority to the task of archicad but without appreciable results ...
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By Matthew Lohden
Since you should really upgrade to Win7 anyway (it's what Vista should have been) I recommend you give it a try. Since you say the problem seems somewhat random that adds credence to the possibility that it is OS related.
By alemanda
Matthew, as long as I see that you use a MacPro 8 core with OSX ... my question is: "have you ever faced problems like my ones?"
I must check the bahaviour of the other PC I have based on Win XP 32 bit with 3 GB Ram ... maybe it is much better ...
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By Matthew Lohden
Naturally my experience will be different from yours. I usually run Windows as a virtual machine, though I occasionally go native in Boot Camp. My problems with Vista have been in VM where it occasionally just disappears. Win7-64 on the other hand seems to run very fast and reliably booted native. This is just my own anecdotal experience but it is consistent with all I have heard about Vista and Windows 7.