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We have a problem on two workstations that runs ArchiCAD 13 TW projekts. If they open a project without connection to the BIM server (offline) all libraries are missing. It seems as that they can´t read the library content from the local TW Data folder when they are offline. On my machine it works fine though. We have XP on my machine and XP and Vista where the proble occurs. The problem occurs on any project and independent of the ArchiCAD user. I have checked the path for TW Data under work environment- Special folders and it is ok. We have tried to leave the project, empty the TW Data foler and re-join and then close the project ant then open without connection to the BIM server (by pulling out the network cable) but all libraries are still missing. I have also tried with 'Choose Location' under Work Envirnment -Special folders -Team Work Data folders and created a a new TW Data folder in another location but it does not help. The content in the TW Data folder seems identical on the different machines so writing to the folder seems to work but reading the libraries does not on two out of three clients. Anyone that has an idea what is going wrong?
I reported this same problem to GS Australia last week. It is happening with both Mac and PC for us, so it is not OS specific. Some machines seem to work OK but most show the libraries as 'Unavailable' instead of 'offline'.
I think it may have something to do with using the IP address of the BIM Server instead of the full networked computer name, but I am yet to confirm this 100%. If this is the case, I am sure it is not the intended outcome. ( in other words, a bug).
Thanks Ben, Do you now if you're using the networked computer name or the IP address?

I was looking in the xml files found in the TW Data folders (LibraryCacheFolderWrapper.xml and CacheInfo.xml) and found out that om my machine the server name was identical in both files but on the other two machines the server name had the extension in the file CacheInfo.xml. I've chenged these and tried over again but the problem reamains.

We did not have this problem (at least nobody complained about it) before the hotfix was installed. Do you have the hotfix installed as well?

/Regard Leif
Anyone that knows why all libraries are missing for some workstations when they are offline but they have no problem when they are online?

It's a pain since it makes it impossible to work without a network connection, i.e. while travelling or working from home. All suggestions are appreciated.
It sounds like the libraries were not downloaded from your BIMserver correctly.
Hi Erica, and thanks for your input.

I've compared the content of the TW Data folders on the workstations that have problems with the content on my machine (I don't have this problem) and the libraries are the same.

What confuses me is that it works when they are working online but not offline... My understanding is that the libraries in the TW Data folder is used in both cases :?
The online/offline status of the server should not have any effect on the libraries already donwloaded to the local data folder. Libraries are always loaded from local data and synced with the server during every S&R.

It would be good to compare the content of the Local Data folder between the working and non working computers.(including the content of the library xml file).

If there is no difference, probably a total - maual - cleanup of this folder might help (make sure all changes are sent to the server prior deleting everything).
Hi and thank's that you're trying to help me out on this... It's still not working though...

I've tried to remove the TW Data folder and rejoined while online so that the TW Data folders have been re-created but the problem with missing libraries remains when they open the project without a connection to the server.

I opened the xml files found in the TW Data folders (LibraryCacheFolderWrapper.xml and CacheInfo.xml) and found out that om my machine (on this workstation I have no problem) the server name was identical in both files but on the other two machines the server name had the extension in the file CacheInfo.xml. Why is it different and how is this information used by ArchiCAD?

I am working from a different location than the other two but we work on the same projects.
Is that possible, that on your computer you added the server manually entering its address, while the other users on the other computers did not add the server manually, just picked the server from the list, which already (automatically) had the server listed.

The Discovery system provides this kind of service, the server is "shouting" on the network that "here I am". The ArchiCAD clients hear this and automatically add it to the list of available servers.

The address provided using this discovery service usually contains the company domain as well - like "", while when someone adds the server manually it is enough to enter the "computername".