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Sharing a project for a team, accessing projects remotely. Setup of BIMcloud/Users/Roles, Working/Messaging in Teamwork (Example: What are the firewall settings for the BIMcloud to make it accessible over the Internet?)

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We've been working with ArchiCAD for about a year and are planning to start using Teamwork/BIM-server. In our team there are 4 architects/draftsmen completing plans for planning permission.

In the next stage, when building work commences, another team will work simultaenously on the project; consulting clients about their choice of kitchen fixings, bathroom, etc...

Currently they work on an exported version of our drawings (using AutoCAD DWG :( ) Ideally we would like to 'convert' them to ArchiCAD so they can use the live ArchiCAD model and see changes to structural elements as they are made.

I'm not sure on how we would set this up.

Can I create a role and reserve a specific set of layers/layer combination for this role. The new role would have create/edit and delete rights on these layers but only view rights for elements on all the aother layers.

Is this possible? Or do any of you have other/better ideas to achieve what we are looking for?
Here is a full list of access rights in BIM Server: ... ss-rights/

I think what you want is not possible because it is not possible to assign specific layers to specific Roles.
There is a separate access right to create new Layers. So this Role could create new Layers, but not modify/delete existing ones. (But I guess you do not want them to be able to create Layers either).

I can think of another way this could work. You could create a TW Project File for them to work in. Then you could place your Teamworked Project File into this file as a Hotlinked Module. They would have no access right to modify or delete Hotlinked Modules.
This way their work would be totally separated, in another file.

I don't know it this would be an acceptable solution for you.
Creating a seperate TW project for the other team, and inserting the base project as a Hotlinked module, might work. But there are several advantages for having all the data in one model (*.pln file).

I think, being able to reserve layers to specific roles might be something for an enhancement request!

I think laszlo is correct... modules are a good way to work on a project...
You could imagine every specific architect working on different projects using the main as linked module and then, when things go into execution works, wether paste their projects into the main or link their simple project as modules into the main building.
A CAD arcchitectural project is a database... I think linking databases is a correct way of working.
But first, try to use the TW and you will see ... To me, roles are already complex enough not to add others
Johan Stinckens wrote:I think, being able to reserve layers to specific roles might be something for an enhancement request!

You are always welcome to make a wish in the Wishlist section.
Then we can see how much support the wish has, and if it has enough we can forward it to Graphisoft for their consideration.
As "reserving by layers" was not available at the time we created a work-around for this issue using hotlinked modules. However, this means that not all information resides in one model (i.e. HVAC data is never shown in the base model).

After carefull consideration we are leaving this path and are now looking at using BIMCloud.
Rereading the BIMCloud help I can't find anything stating that this "awaited" feature has found its way into the software (yet).
Should have posted an enhencement request at the time! :roll:

If I could connect a user to a specific View Folder I would be able to use the layer settings (locked) for the views in that folder (and have the users ability to create/adit views revoked).

Is there anyone who has a solution to what we try to accomplish?