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Sharing a project for a team, accessing projects remotely. Setup of BIMcloud/Users/Roles, Working/Messaging in Teamwork (Example: What are the firewall settings for the BIMcloud to make it accessible over the Internet?)

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By Nico Oerter

Me and my fellow students are all using ArchiCAD 22 with the student license. Now I wanted to create a BIMcloud to work on a project together. When I want to connect to the BIMcloud it tells that it is fixed to Version 20. Is there a way to change the BIMServer to Version 22?

Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards,

By baloghnoemi
Hi Nico,

I believe you updated a previous BIM Server 20 to BIMcloud Basic. In this case it will be locked to version 20 unless you switch to BIMcloud. Unfortunately there is no option to change the lock settings later,

I would recommend to do a fresh installation in case you wish to use ARCHICAD 22 with BIMcloud Basic.

Kind regards,
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By Paul King
I have the opposite problem.

I installed Bimcloud basic 22, and get error message 'BIMcloud Basic Fixed to Version 22' when attempting to share a project from ArchiCAD 21. This was a direct fresh install of BIMCloud 2018.22.0248.411, not an upgrade from an old BIMserver.

It is essential that both AC21 and AC22 can share projects to BIMCloud basic simultaneously as I have projects in progress on both versions - how do I achieve this?

I am a freelancer who works mostly for small practices and cannot afford a subscription to the deluxe version of BIMcloud.
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By LaszloNagy
BIMcloud Basic, being a free software, has its limitations as detailed by the following comparison between BIMcloud Basic and BIMcloud:

One of these limitations is that it supports only a single ARCHICAD version.

I think what you may be able to do in this situation is install the AC21 BIMcloud Basic on another computer and use that for AC21 projects. So the 2 BIMcloud Basic instances should be on separate computers. I have not tried this but it may be possible.
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By Paul King
Thanks LazloNagy

My local reseller tech support seems sure I can set up and run a second BIMcloud on the same machine but fixed to ArchiCAD21 rather than 22.

I have tried that, and nominally it does seem to be working in the sense I can now go to its BIMCloud manager on the nominated ip address and port and add users etc . ArchiCAD 21 can also access it at that location but reports that 'Bim Server is accessible, but BIM Server Module was not found'.

I have tried disabling the first BIMcloud (linked to AC22) running on the server via the taskbar BimCloud menu, in case having two running at once was causing problems - but with no improvement resulting.

Would love to hear any other suggestions. It seems my original BIMcloud fixed to AC22 is now having the same issue (had been working fine for months). Not sure if adding the new BIMcloud fixed to AC21 messed things up, or if there is some other known issue that can somehow affect both BIMclouds the same way?
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By nbalogh
Hi Paul,

Is the BIMcloud Server of v21 running?

Please check the tray icon and the Manager interface as well.

Some points worth to check:
0. Have you already activated the new BIMcloud Basic?

1. Do you have enough free space?

Make sure that at least 15% of your storage under the BIMcloud is free.

2. Does it help if you restart the services manually from the tray icon?

3. Does it help if you restart the server machine?

If none of the above would help, please drop me a private message to discuss further steps.

Kind regards,
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By Paul King
Hi, none of that helps, unfortunately - will try a PM... and report back here if a solution is found.
** EDIT I just tried uninstalling one of the BIMcloud servers and associated BIMcloud Manager, and rebooted server, so only one instance is installed and running - no improvement, which seems to rule out the idea that having two BIMclouds Basic servers running on the same PC was the problem, though not the possibility that I nevertheless damaged something more global in the process in setting this up.
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By Paul King
OK, with the kind help of Naiomi and team at GS, it turned out that not having my existing BIMcloud active and running at the time I installed the second is probably what triggered a cascade of woe.

Essentially the new installation had by default likely tried to take over the same ports that the old installation was using at one point during the process (despite what I manually entered and later re-corrected in config settings), creating cross-linked or corrupted databases once both BIM clouds were active and trying to use them.

Once the damage is done, it seems that merely ensuring the correct ports are nominated in the respective BIMcloud server and manager configurators is not enough - you need to uninstall everything and start again (hope you had your projects backed up!), or work through an elaborate procedure that amounts to the same thing, though with not quite the same destruction of data

Moral of the story is to ensure all currently installed BIMclouds for your various ArchiCAD versions are running, before you try to install the next.