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I am running an installation of BIMcloud Basic, which is 1 or 2 versions out of date (v.

While looking around within BIMcloud Server Configurator, I noticed an option to store Snapshots on an external folder. Great! I checked the box, cycled through the Configuration panes which triggered a restart, then watched as existing snapshots were moved to the selected external drive. This took a LONG time, but I was warned, and it eventually appeared to complete the task successfully.

But, the server did not restart successfully. Researching the problem, I discovered that the feature to locate snapshots on an external server was not, or maybe better said, should not have been, enabled for Basic installations of the server. A help item suggested that if the feature had been erroneously enabled on Basic install (what I did), the open Configurator again and deselect the feature. A little weird (couldn't the checkbox control have been disabled on Basic installations?), but ok. At least GS had anticipated the dead-end and provided guidance on how to "back out" of the bad sequence.

But now, after DESELECTING the "Save Snapshots to external folder", when I try to advance to the next pane of the configurator, I get a spinning wheel for a bit, then a message, "Error occurred during validation". I can't escape this sequence. Force-quitting and restarting the Configurator indicates the "Save Snapshots" feature is still selected and thus problematic.

Can anyone tell me how to escape this loop? Screenshot of GS help on the topic below.
Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 11.31.25 AM.png