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Sharing a project for a team, accessing projects remotely. Setup of BIMcloud/Users/Roles, Working/Messaging in Teamwork (Example: What are the firewall settings for the BIMcloud to make it accessible over the Internet?)

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By famadorian
I've installed BIMcloud-2019.3 and it fails for me during the BIMcloud Manager. It says:

BIMcloud Manager configuration failed
Please check the log files for details.

The last log file written to in the log directory is the license_manager file and it says:

[2019-09-04 00:25:10] WARN [license_manager] - Not found any BIMcloud related license

I'm trying to use BIMcloud Free, in any case.
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By nbalogh
Hi famadorian,

The error message you mentioned is a logging issue in BIMcloud - it should be not there, but some kind of actions can trigger it.

However, I suspect the configuration failed because the BIMcloud Manager could not restart in time (approx. half a minute).

It happens either because:
- the hardware is not strong enough under BIMcloud and every process is pretty slow,
- a 3rd party application blocks the communication and run of BIMcloud (e.g. antivirus is running on the computer) - try to turn it off if this is true,
- maybe there are not enough ports available - in this case a computer restart should help,
- or one of the Manager's ports are reserved already (usually by another BIMcloud),
- or something strange happened during the installation, and it causes all the trouble.

If you still can't find the reason, send me a private message and we can talk about further details for an investigation.

Kind regards,
Ok, I installed onto another station and it still failed

I then installed it onto another server again, and it still failed.

Then I found another more powerful station and it worked.

You don't think you could be a little more verbose, than giving this nonsense error message?