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By mbl
Is anyone actually using the function "Release All when closing Teamwork Project with send Changes" from the Work Environment / Data Safety & Integrity settings?
I'm working mostly with Archicad 22 now and I've noticed it on several projects that this function doesn't really do what it is supposed to do according to its name...

Or am I doing something wrong?
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By LaszloNagy
What do you think it is supposed to be doing (please provide an example), and what do you observe it is doing?
By mbl
LaszloNagy wrote: Tue Sep 08, 2020 5:55 pm What do you think it is supposed to be doing (please provide an example), and what do you observe it is doing?

I assume that the function is supposed to automatically release my reservations when closing a TW project. And it doesn't, or at least not always.

The Reference Guide says that "The Release All with Send Changes preference affects whether ARCHICAD will automatically release all your reservations whenever you Close a Teamwork project using the Send option."

It seems to me that the function only works when there are unsent changes in the project. If I send the changes and then close the project, the "automatic release" does not work.

For me it works only when I do not send my changes to the server and then try to close the project. Only then I get a popup window saying that I have some unsent changes and when I choose to "Send & Save", only then it also releases my reservations.

So I guess I was assuming that it would also release all my reservations even if there are no unsent changes in the project.
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By LaszloNagy
Then I think it is working as expected.
The Release All option applies only to that case where you want to close the Project, then choose to Send and Save changes. In that case, reservations will be released as well.
I am not sure I follow the logic in it, but then it is working as expected.
By mbl
Thanks Laszlo,
I guess you're right. It was just not very clear to me that this was the intended functionality of this feature.
And like you said, I don't really follow the logic behind it either.

But there was just one more thing that I've noticed when trying to figure out what's going on. I get the popup window with a reminder to Send & Save even after I manually Send & Receive and Release All in my project. Which is strange, because then there are no unsent changes in the TW and neither are there any active reservations.

So in fact, I get an option to "automatically" release all even if there is nothing to release and I don't get one when there is still something reserved...