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By Robert Nichols
I'm running ArchiCAD 23 on an iMac (10.15.6 Catalina).

Send/Receive events, really all TW tasks, seem to have increased in the amount of time required to complete. A new model created from native 23 template, with a single line drawn after the initial share, required 1:18 to do a send/receive. A subsequent send/receive with no keystrokes/elements added or changed since the 1:18 event, took 1:08 to complete.

Is this what others are seeing?

I have nominal gigabyte fiber internet service, so speed is not an issue. I have no indications DNS or other networks settings are amiss. I mention DNS as Console app shows the following item many, many times (approx. 20/second during the protracted s/r effort):

default 12:57:59.313052-0400 mDNSResponder [R2096757] DNSServiceQueryRecord(15000, 0, <private>, Addr) START PID[42240](ARCHICAD)
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By nbalogh
Hi Robert,

I'm sorry to hear about your issue.

Can you please check with your upload speed / download speed / ping and share with us?

Also, I suggest to check these Help Center articles out if they might help you:

If none of them helps you, I suggest to contact your local support (GRAPHISOFT North America in your case) and send a Support Package from the project where you experience this issue. A little help:

Kind regards,
By Robert Nichols
Thanks for your response Noémi.

My internet connection is fast:

down = 855 mbps
up - 808 mbps

I'll pursue the other options you provided.