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I've a problem with the PMK I publish on BIMcloud server.
I have drawings linked to those PMK on my master layout.
When I publish the PMK again, I can't update them on the layout: Error message saying that It can't open file. I've done the same with PDF and I don't have the error: It's just related to the filetype, so I think that it's a bug from Archicad.
AC24 4018 FRA + Bimcloud 2020.3 FRA
Hi prot158,

Thanks for coming here with your question. This is a known issue with Archicad 24, that it is not able to handle republished PMK files properly when they are from a BIMcloud.

I have good news - fix for this behaviour is part of the upcoming update, so search for DEF-2945.

Until the fix, you need to relink these files, it fixes the situation.

Kind regards,
Glad to hear that. I wondered if I was going crazy. It's just a bit annoying that we pay 400€/yr to upgrade to BIMcloud just for that functionality and that it doesn't work properly... Thks for your answer