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Sharing a project for a team, accessing projects remotely. Setup of BIMcloud/Users/Roles, Working/Messaging in Teamwork (Example: What are the firewall settings for the BIMcloud to make it accessible over the Internet?)

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I have split this post off from the original topic (Cloud Archicad) and renamed it as it really has nothing to do with that.

Sorry I have no answers for you though as I don't use BIMCloud.

Hi tyresebro1,

BIMcloud can run on both macOS or Windows, what is more important to have a dedicated computer which is not turned on and off on a daily basis. Installing BIMcloud on a NAS is strongly not supported, because it is a resource intensive software, what cannot be served by even enterprise NAS solutions.

In case of BIMcloud, NAS can be used as data storage, but again, we strongly recommend to have an enterprise NAS to have reliable connection between the storage and BIMcloud, else, you will face the same issue what you mention.

You can find our hardware recommendations for BIMcloud Basic on Help Center.

If having a dedicated computer is not possible, then you might consider to move over BIMcloud as a Service - in this case, networking, hardware and updates are managed by GRAPHISOFT engineers and all you need to focus on is to manage your own projects and work on BIMcloud.

See detailed informations on our website or on Help Center.

Kind regards,
In my experience, if you don't have that many large simultaneous projects, an older Mac Mini could serve you well, you can buy one for a few hundred euros (or equivalent in other currencies). It won't cost a lot having it constantly turned on, but go for 16GB of RAM.

It's not that futureproof, though, I don't think it will last you e.g. 3-5 years.

Noémi, I'm curious about pricing of BIMcloud as a Service, but I cannot seem to find it on the website. Am I missing it, or is it available on request?
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Copy of original post since we should keep answers just in case.
We run a home office architecture firm with 3-5 employees. Currently running a NAS server via synology however the software requirements for bimCloud are limited to Windows and macOS. My immediate solution was to install the software on the most powerful computer (macOS) we have in the office and point all the data storage locations to the NAS. This was a suggestion seen on a lot of the bimCLOUD forums. However, as you may assume that was causing issues because every time our computers are shut down and restarted the server installed on said computer can’t find the NAS storage or finds it and connects under a different name so the server still can’t find it. This has caused a lot of issues in the last week and I don’t know what I should do?

Should I build a windows server and point it to the NAS? maybe windows has an easier time?

Should I build a windows server to replace the NAS?

Can I keep the current NAS server configuration and adjust some settings to make it work? (Preferable)