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Sustainable design; Energy Evaluation, EcoDesigner and EcoDesigner STAR

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By methy
Just wondering if anyone here in New Zealand is using the Energy Evaluation tool? aka the EcoDesigner STAR?

As ArchiCAD/Cadimage seem to think that there is no support for it
as quote: "because its not relevant to nz standards and codes"

Or if there are any alternatives people are using here for Energy Modelling?
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By methy
Lots of views but no responses yet, interesting...
I guess Kiwi's are too busy wasting their lives filling out the requirements for ALF calculations or using the Branz Schedule or Calculation Methods (all of which are highly inaccurate, rule of thumb type calculations)

We are starting to get clients more interested in Eco building modelling here now.
It would be good to have kiwis that are starting to gain knowledge of the PHPP or Ecodesigner going forward.
By Anton Kazmin
methy wrote:Just wondering if anyone here in New Zealand is using the Energy Evaluation tool? aka the EcoDesigner STAR?
This is an old thread, but I'll join in anyway.

If you are looking for EcoDesigner STAR user in New Zealand, there is not much I can offer, as I am literally on the opposite side of the globe, but if it is BEM (building energy model) knowledge you are after, I can help.

EcoDesigner was an awesome idea and I jumped on it as soon as it came out years ago, but aside from all the awesome features it has to offer, it also sports some annoying bugs and miscalculations that prevent this application from reaching its full potential.

Some of these bugs have to do with fundamental issues like solar gain, for instance, and, largely, preclude anyone with solid understanding of energy modeling from using this expensive software, as errors in energy calculations are somewhat glaring to a trained eye.

If you have any specific qutions, let me know and I can offer anything from free advice to fully fledged consulting services on this matter.
By simonblencowe
just started using it of now and have produced some reports for an existing block of flats. it appears to all be working but i have no idea if the results are correct. im comparing it to a consultant report done for a similar building where their results appear to be much higher but theirs is in dunedin and ours is in CHCH; does that make much difference? i know the outputted costs are less than what the actual users are paying.

what figure should we be referencing as total energy use as none seem to accord with each other; net heating energy, energy consumption, or primary energy?