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Is ArchiCAD likely to be compatible with the latest open source initiative responding to Climate Emergency?

If not we are missing a trick! If synchronising with Twinmotion can improve and simplify rendering to great effect can we not achieve the same efficiencies for Ecodesigner? Low Carbon design is going to be essential in the next few years, architects and designers will need the best tools to make it as easy as possible.
Hi Rod,

Thanks for posting and sharing this with us here!
I personally find this to be a great idea honestly. We already have a lot data in the BIM, especially the Embedded Energy and Embedded Carbon in the Building Materials. Unfortunately, this existing data is not being utilized by EcoDesigner however, it is still there nonetheless.

I have added this request into the database as Wish #12530. I sincerely hope this gets implemented as I am personally a big advocate for Green and Sustainable architecture.

Once more, thank you for sharing your knowledge about this subject and bringing it to our attention!

I wish you a wonderful day.

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