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Sustainable design; Energy Evaluation, EcoDesigner and EcoDesigner STAR

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By Arcadia
Does ecodesigner take into account both ceiling slabs and roof panels? Ie my current trial model has just the ceiling slabs in place with an insulation value applied. The actual house however also has insulation applied under the roof sheeting and of course provides shading to the ceiling - can I assign both roof and ceiling as roof components in the model review?

Also do I include the attached garage wall, ceiling, floor structures in the model review? If I do this it seems to include these area's in the building volume but they are not actually conditioned - they just provide shading and insulation. There is no way in ecodesigner to assign different volumes as conditioned or unconditioned.
By lucid9
I can't answer your questions. I am interested in how EcoDesigner is working out before I buy. Have you gotten any answers?
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I too am curious as to the answer.........
By Arcadia
No answers as yet. This software seems to have severe limitations but I guess for the price of it that should probaby be expected? Having now tested it against my own house running costs (it came in a bit under the actual costs) and used it a bit i am realizing that it should simply be regarded as an approx guide. I intend to use my own home which is quite efficient as a baseline comparison for jobs. Ie a home i did since which is designed to be super efficient came it at half the running costs of my own so I know I'm on the right track with the design. In regards to roofs and garages I have settled on not including roofs (unless they form the ceiling as in a raking ceiling) and not including the garage walls. I then have to be consistent in my method for other jobs so I know I am getting good comparisons.
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By andyro
Arcadia - do you use any other analysis software? If so can you provide a screenshot of the interface? Does it consider inter-zonal heat transfer (such as from conditioned to unconditioned spaces)? I am just now making a component schedule and syntax for export/import to a modeling program I am using that I'd be happy to make as universal as possible - as I would rather take the work away from the assesor and charge the client myself for the work requiring to be done ;)