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By stefan
I have a problem running Ecodesigner.

On the one hand, I have a commercial ArchiCAD 12 license, with dongle and the INT library. I installed the Ecodesigner trial and removed the dongle to launch in demo mode. The plugin is recognized and works, but all fonts on any output page are replaced with rectangles. Is this a demo limitation or a font problem?

On the other hand, I have an EDU AC12 license, with a serial number and the NED library. I installed the Ecodesigner EDU version and added the NED folder from Kubus for the Ecodesigner configuration. The plugin is recognized and seems to work, but also fonts are not displayed in the dialog images. However, here the calculation does not start at all. When I click Start Evaluation the dialog disappears, nothing happens and the dialog is back again.

Any tips?

(typo: meant Ecodesigner instead of Ecotect)
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Hi Stefan,

If you missed them, there have been several posts recently in the Snow Leopard threads about fonts appearing as rectangles. Some of the problem fonts are listed there, and some have been summarized in the archicadwiki Snow Leopard page.

The only solution I've seen so far has been 'use another font'. Of course, you don't have that option for the Ecotect interface. (By the way: are you talking Ecotect, as in your text, or Ecodesigner, as in your subject? I have no problems with the Ecodesigner fonts - interface or output.)

Perhaps there is a plist or other preference file that you can find that you can edit to change the default font used?

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By stefan
Hi, yes I meant Ecodesigner. Font problem looks indeed plausible. I haven't found a preference file to control this, but at least it points in the right direction.

So far, my reseller is "looking into it", so I haven't got a solution. But if I want to introduce our students to it, I hope I can solve it, since they might want to use the same combination of ArchiCAD EDU NED and Ecodesigner EDU.
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By stefan
The plugin works in demo-mode in a demo-version of ArchiCAD 12. Texts become empty boxes, which is the font problem.

I've already solved a font problem in MS Word 2008 by emptying the font cache. But this doesn't help here.

The plugin does not work in regular mode in an EDU version of ArchiCAD 12. Interface launches, but calculation doesn't open. Beats the whole purpose :(

It works well in an EDU version of ArchiCAD 12 on Windows inside Parallels in Windows XP.

--> Anyone running EcoDesigner on Snow Leopard?