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By Ara C
In ED I know that the "Start Evaluation" button is inactive unless I assign the properties of the walls, openings etc.

However, after I've assigned the properties to the structure, the BTU column still has an error sign, does not show/accept any changes and the warning sign is showing no matter what.

Thanks in advance.
No problems here. Probably need to read your detailed steps to see what went wrong, as the warning sign is replaced by a number when the assignment is done correctly.

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By Ara C
Thank you Karl for your time and help.

Would you please explain a bit more what you mean with:

"need to read your detailed steps to see what went wrong"

Appreciate all your help.
Ara C wrote: "need to read your detailed steps to see what went wrong"
Sure. What do you do after you click the button with the three dots (...) after the warning symbol? If you go through the steps in the manual and you are not getting the fields populated properly (warning symbol goes away), then write down, step by step, every action that you take after clicking on that button and someone should be able to see what step is missing.