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Sustainable design; Energy Evaluation, EcoDesigner and EcoDesigner STAR

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I created a curved roof surface in Rhinoceros, then imported it into the ArchiCAD, by using the .3ds to .gsm convertor.
You can see my roof (white surface) in here:


Now, I want to calculate my whole object in EcoDesigner. But the problem is that, Archicad, simply does not recognize my roof as a valid construction and hear barrier. So it looks like, I do not even have the roof above my upper floor.

How can I fix this? How can I force Archicad to recognize this roof of mine as a barrier?

Or maybe I simply need to put a slab over my upper flor. But in that case I am loosing much of a height of my obejct, because it is in a shape of dome. Take a look at this picture:


And a longitudinal section: