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Sustainable design; Energy Evaluation, EcoDesigner and EcoDesigner STAR

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Having just received an email promoting the latest release of ArchiWIZARD, a BIM energy analysis package available in France, I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this product from their experience (version 1, that is - V2 is only just being released)?

From a non-expert perspective, it seems considerably more advanced than ED, given that it takes account of solar incidence, external shading elements, etc.

The clear advantage to those of us in France is that it will, apparently, provide the compliance calculations for the impending mandatory energy regulations (RT2012).

I would dearly love ecoDesigner to do the same - for both French & UK reg's in my case.......
Just thought I'd re-launch this question - can anyone inform us?

Archiwizard seems to be significantly ahead of EcoDesigner*, or am I missing something...?
If it simply uses IFC files, then Archicad can export those.