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Sustainable design; Energy Evaluation, EcoDesigner and EcoDesigner STAR

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I believe that that video is incorrect. :-( Several of the things demonstrated in the video are clearly things listed as features of EcoDesigner STAR on the bottom of that page: ... valuation/

I will get in touch with the appropriate people to clarify thing for us.

Thanks for pushing on this - we all need to have things clarified between the build-in Energy Evaluation and ED*. I hope they'll give us a feature table to give a clear, visual way of seeing the differences.
EcoBoger wrote:Some of this thread is missing.

Is there a specific reason why messages about this issue were deleted?

I recall an extensive message on the subject from Laszlo Nagy (forum admin) that was here just a few hours ago, but is no longer available for reading.
That's in your other thread AFAIK, although Laszlo's message there is not what I would call extensive: ... hp?t=42804
Karl there was another post on this thread by Lazlo that got removed or deleted. Basically he went over the video and his conclusion was that it might be a bug as EcoB is indicating.
Thanks for clarifying Eduardo. I missed that one - away from my desk (hurray). Laszlo and I have been in contact with product management and marketing to clarify the issues brought up by EcoBoger. He has done a good service for us all in pointing out potential bugs and also how the videos appear to be talking about 17 standard features - and that needs clarification. I can only guess that in the process of discussions, Laszlo decided to delete his own post while further information was being assembled.

Any of us can delete our own posts (the little 'x' in the upper right corner), so if Laszlo deleted his own post, he must have had his reason... which I'm sure he'll share with us when he wakes up. ;-)
Karl Ottenstein wrote:…Any of us can delete our own posts (the little 'x' in the upper right corner), so if Laszlo deleted his own post, he must have had his reason... which I'm sure he'll share with us when he wakes up. ;-)
That was my conclusion too.
Yes, I made a post, then deleted it because I realized I should consult with GS before making any conclusions.
So, they are looking into this situation right now and we will be hearing something back soon.

About the videos on the mentioned page: work has also begun on that so that features relating to AC17 Energy Evaluation and features relating to EcoDesigner Star will be in their own category.
The aim is obviously to have in either category only clips detailing features relevant to that version of the program.

Thanks guys for pointing out these inconsistencies. I am sure with the final version of the page and clips it will be clear for everyone which features belong to Energy Evaluation available in ArchiCAD 17 and which features are available only in EcoDesigner Star.
Hi Everyone,

I'm glad that I found this thread, because I had the pretty similar doubts with the EcoDesigner 17 Solar Analysis. I've made the research last year and something came up with the result of radiation. (I hope I can explain this clearly with limited English). Here's my method:

1. I create an octagonal box building which had 8 sides facing 8 compass directions;
2. On every side, I put a full height, full width window.
3. Then, for a basic requirement, I put slab and roof, as well as a zone.
4. I ran the SOP to operate EcoDesigner.
5. Inside the Windows Dialog, on the Openings tab, there is a Solar Analysis that I was focusing to, for Direct Sunlight Calculation and Solar Radiation Calculation.
6. I recoded all the 8 windows data, then I made the comparison.

The first issue appears on the West side window, in Jakarta - Indonesia, which has no radiation at all. This is so funny. The West orientation is known as the most feared side regarding the solar radiation in the tropics.

The second issue is, the radiation yearly chart always stop to indicate radiation above 12 pm, drastically.

I really hope there is a resolution for those problems.
If somebody here has some time to try my method, please share your findings with me, perhaps open another thread.
Meanwhile, I'm at risk to put down my research now, at least I'm pending it to publish them.
Hi Riva,

I tried to follow your instructions to see what kind of result do I get, but the results seemed to me fine.
I created a similar model, set the necessary parameters, but the displayed values in the solar analysis window make sense.

Is it possible that I missed something?
result.png (378.69 KiB) Viewed 1297 times
There have been a few Energy Evaluation bugs fixed in recent hotfixes.
Make sure you have the latest update (build 6004) and try it again.