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Sustainable design; Energy Evaluation, EcoDesigner and EcoDesigner STAR

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Gabor and Barry,

Thanks for looking this post.
I still used the build 5019, and I will follow Barry's suggestion to update. Thanks!
I will post the result on how it's going.
I saw Gabor's post works just fine on the West side opening.
Hi Everyone,

I updated my ArchiCAD 17 INT Edu to build 6004.
My result of the Solar Analysis didn't change.

I share my model here: ... v3VirgbDIa

And these are my screen captures of solar analysis: ... qo_hsGbiOa

This is even still happened with new file, new model which start from a scratch.
I'm using the Strusoft Server for climate data.
Solar radiation still shown like this on the West opening.
Solar radiation still shown like this on the West opening.
WD-001-0R.jpg (119.78 KiB) Viewed 1950 times
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Additional capture:

The radiation on the North Window (and many others) stops at 12 - 1pm.
The Radiation stops at 12pm.
The Radiation stops at 12pm.
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Additional capture:

The sun shines on the North from rises to sets, but the radiation stops at noon.

*Excuse me for multiple posts, the forum didn't let me share multiple images.
The sun shines over 12 pm.
The sun shines over 12 pm.
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Quote from EcoDesigner Star User Manual:
7.5.1 Climate Data Source
Choose an option for the source of the climate data to be used for EcoDesigner STAR.

• Download from StruSoft Climate Server: With this option, climate data are obtained from the StruSoft climate website, at

All StruSoft climate data are created from NCEP Reanalysis data provided by the NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center, Boulder, Colorado, USA, from their website at
Here comes the important part:
• Use ASHRAE IWEC, TMY, WTEC2 file: Click Browse to select and import data from analytic weather files obtained from an external source (from open source e.g. ... r_data.cfm or purchased)

Note: Use analytic (“ideal year”) weather data whenever possible, as it usually represents a given location's climate better than climate data recorded in any particular year.
So you should be using analytical weather data (as recommended by Graphisoft) available from various sources (the above link is free, or open-source data) because that is the most accurate. As it seems the data you downloaded from the Strusoft Server is not accurate.
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At AC24, with ED (not STAR) this appears to have been completely resolved. One needs an accurate weather data file for sure, we have variously used from the following list: ... index.html ... ing_e.html ... _about.cfm

When we switch on and off a large balcony, and hit 'recalculate' for the solar analysis first and then 'start simulation', we see a difference of solar gains on the order of 500kWh/yr on a single window, and the shading mask appears correctly. However, the analysis must be performed with the 3D view, shading items shown, (or not shown as desired).