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By Paul Pearson
Hi All

Really hoping someone can point me in the right direction, i'm sorting out my template and assigning all the materials for a new project and i've noticed that all my thermal Conductivity units are shown in Btu/hr,ft.

I've looked through all the project preferences and changed all the other settings to show meters, Kg, etc but i can not find the setting to change these units to W/m2K.

any ideas would be really useful.

AC17.01 MacOsX 10.8.5
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By LaszloNagy
This could be a hard-wired setting that may be dependent on the localized version.
In my INT version the unit is W/mK.
Could it be that the BTU thing is the deafult in the USA version?
Thanks for the reply, but i dont think it is linked to my version of AC17.

If i open a brand new AC17 template, the units correctly show as W/m2K.

Just opened my last project (also created in AC17, with the same template i'm currently using) and the units there are also shown correctly.

So its got be be a setting on the current project which needs to be changed.

Any other ideas or is this just a bug?

thankfully i'm not going to need to do any complex energy calculations, but its just fustrating not to have the right settings and I know that i have a project starting soon that will need full building energy modelling on both the existing structure to solve an overheating problem and also a sizable extension.
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By ejrolon
Check in your Preference Panel for Calculation Units and be sure to check also in the Dimensions settings. If I remember correctly you need to check it in different areas