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Sustainable design; Energy Evaluation, EcoDesigner and EcoDesigner STAR

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By mattb
I have been working on a project using Ecodesigner generating reports on energy use of a stone building. I have just updated with the new hotfix and EcoDesigner keeps bringing up the attached error message. Can anyone help me understand what it wants??

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 14.54.55.png
By mattb
So Ecodesigner was complaining about 3 zones it thought were out of date, no amount of updating zones or fiddling about with them cured the problem. I then deleted the 3 offending zones and the associate thermal block, updated all zones and still the error message persists.

After playing about with Ecodesigner project all afternoon, its clear that installing the hotfix released today has stopped Ecodesigner working on this project which was doing just fine this morning.